Our colleague at work // Source: RST

Dr Evelyn Winter, Project Manager

"I particularly appreciate thevariety of topics and theworking atmosphere at RST"

I joined RST Rostock System-Technik in 2018. Prior to that, I carried out research in the fields of aviation, biomedicine and manufacturing engineering at Rostock University. I was looking for a company which could offer me similar project diversity. At the same time, I didn’t want to work for a company which is too large, as a familiar working atmosphere and interdisciplinary corporate structures with flat hierarchies are important to me. So, with RST I found the ideal employer. 

I work as a project manager in the area of “Industry and Space”. We are responsible for mechanical topics, for which innovative machines and devices are developed in accordance with individual customer wishes. I particularly enjoy the fact here that several of the projects require cross-departmental collaboration. This enables me to maintain constant exchange with other departments. Due to our end-to-end competences, RST’s task range is very broad: In addition to mechanical construction, design and manufacturing, testing and documentation also belong to our services. And manuals must also be written. 

My background is that of a structural dynamics expert, meaning that I often contribute the structural mechanical evidence for our projects. Therefore, I have a good insight into our department’s topical spectrum. 

What distinguishes my work at RST from my previous research activity: our customers’ wishes regarding product quality and the delivery date define work cycles. In order to achieve these targets, intense and reliable team work with all colleagues, both from administration and the specialist departments are an absolute prerequisite. I like the creative and solution-oriented corporate climate, which serves as a basis for us to achieve results which do justice to our high quality standards. We each have our own clearly-defined area of responsibility, within which we also view ourselves as service providers for the other employees. This makes us an absolutely reliable product development partner vis-à-vis our customers. 


Dr. Evelyn Winter

Quality Systems Manager