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Jobs at RST

RST Rostock System-Technik GmbH has proven its aptitude for decades and is today, a dependable partner of the aerospace industry.

The portfolio encompasses the production of cabin simulators, the construction of cable harnesses; electronic, as well as mechanical systems and the development of software. This diversity of projects from various specialized fields enables a foundation for various career opportunities and vocational prospects, for graduates and professionals alike.

RST seeks qualified, as well as motivated employees and trainees and has the ability to foster their personal development; for example through our advanced training program.

We also give students the opportunity to gain practical experience through internships and assistantships. They can gain a fascinating insight into the professional everyday life of the industry, with the chance to develop their professional and research skills and  apply their learned knowledge in a practical, professional environment.

As a training workplace, RST has trained young people in commercial and mercantile professions for many years.

Only a short walk from the Baltic Sea, we work there, where everyone else comes for their holiday!


For more information on available positions, please contact:


Ursula Braunhold

Head of Personnel


+49 (0)381 56 252 



Internship, student trainee, ...

We regulary offer open places for students and trainees.

See here our general Profile and our special offer for IT students and Marketing & Sales.