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RST - Rostock on the way into space

First steel cut and start of manufacturing of large jigs and fixtures for the Ariane 6-upper stage

On Friday, 30.08.2019, on the occasion of the manufacturing start of further large jigs for the Ariane 6-upper stage production, a festive event took place in the manufacturing shop of RST.

Among those present were Pierre Godart, CEO of ArianeGroup Germany, as well as representatives of state politics such as State Secretary Dr. Stefan Rudolph and Member of the Bundestag Mr. Eckhardt Rehberg.



RST Managing Director, Martin Sauerschnig and ArianeGroup Germany CEO, Pierre Godart at the first steel cut of further large devices for the Ariane 6 production line, source: Holger Martens.

Computer animation of the Ariane 6-upper stage during transport and assembly for the first test with running rocket engine, source: RST Rostock System-Technik GmbH and ARIANEGROUP Holding.

Computer animation of the ARIANE 64 start, source: ARIANE GROUP Holding.


Photographs above left, source: Holger Martens.