RST System Engineering

RST offers system engineering to its customers worldwide. Our competences comprise mechanical-, electrical-, and software engineering.

Within the field of Mechanical Engineering, RST offers its customers a full set of competences, including:

  • Concept development for technical solutions
  • Detailed planning and design of systems and components
  • Geometric optimization of components
  • Static and dynamic calculations
  • Finite of element - FEM analyses
  • Coupled structural-thermal analyses
  • Technical Vendor Management
  • Qualification/Certification
  • Design tasks carried out according to Airbus ABD100/200

RST holds the following competences in Electrical Engineering:

  • Concept development for technical solutions
  • Power distribution and power management
  • Optimization of systems
  • Measuring technology and control engineering, signal processing
  • Productiondocumentation
  • Manufacturing coordination, supplier management
  • Technical Vendor Management
  • Qualification/Certification

Within the field of Software Engineering, RST offers:

  • Analysis, Design and Implementation of SW applications for
    • Modeling and simulation of technical system behavior
    • Mathematical models for simulation of real and future systems
    • Coordination and standardization of simulation model exchange
    • Real-time acquisition of measuring data
    • Database and web based tools
  • Software validation and verification
  • Test automation (from test planning to test execution)
  • Software development according to standards DO178, ECSS-Q-80A and ISO/IEC IEEE 12207 and ISO/IEC 15288:2008