Operating equipment for the Fusion research system Wendelstein 7-X // Source: IPP

Operating equipment & systems

Excellent solutions forindividual challenges

The recipe for a successful product: established and robust solutions augmented with state-of-the-art technology and standards and adapted to your customer-specific needs. 

Based on this success formula, RST Rostock System-Technik has developed and manufactured individual special systems, devices and special tools for a wide variety of industries for longer than 40 years. 

Our customers not only profit from our comprehensive expertise in the areas of plant construction, automation, manipulation and process technology; through their cross-sector integration in complex development projects our experts moreover have far-reaching knowledge of outstanding best-practice solutions – and the capability to adapt them efficiently and in accordance with needs. 

Our portfolio includes: 

  • Test stands  
  • Assembly, test and transport devices  
  • Special systems for a whole host of applications  
  • Operating equipment  
  • Storage and transport containers for special applications


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