Simulators & mock-ups in manufacturing hall // Source: RST

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Reliable solutions from anexperienced source

RST Rostock System-Technik is your development partner with comprehensive experience in sectors which are characterised by high technology, quality and safety demands. 

No matter whether for the design of flying systems, manufacturing of ground equipment for sensitive space products, the programming of defence-relevant software or the development of special manufacturing plants: our reasoning and our processes are guided by maximum standards – and concurrently do justice to each and every individual challenge. 

We not only possess interdisciplinary know-how in all the core areas of engineering, but additionally profit from a holistic end-to-end understanding of the development cycle for complex systems and products. Our farsightedness beyond competence areas, process steps and the limits of industries forms the foundation of our work. 

From simple partial engineering performance to completed full solutions: at RST we guarantee our customers excellent results combined with absolute reliability.


Marcus Paschen

Head of Sales & Marketing


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