Fusion research reactor Wendelstein 7-X - Torus inside // Source: IPP

Research & development

Technology andtools for progress

Comprehensive engineering and production experience in the field of complex industrial systems and a strong passion for technological progress: based on this, we not only realise our own research projects, but also develop individual research tools which enhance your scientific work. 

The RST Rostock System-Technik experts combine deep-rooted know-how with cross-sector expertise in order to progress with the core topics of the future: which efficient and sustainable alternatives to the available energy storage methods exist? Which technology enables environmentally friendly flying? We are working on these and further questions both within the scope of customer orders and during the course of our own research initiatives. 

Inspired by work with outstanding technology, we also design and manufacture high-quality tools for researchers and scientists throughout Europe. Here, our offer ranges from assembly, calibration and manufacturing devices for the construction of fusion reactors to simulators for aviation research and the equipping of research institutes with special test systems. 


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