Wire harnesses production // Source: RST

Wire harnesses

Innovative made-to-measurecabling solutions

Wire harnesses are an elementary component of complex systems. RST Rostock System-Technik develops application-specific wire harnesses, special cabling and control cabinets and additionally offers internal company manufacturing services for single samples and series production.  

Our expertise is called for across all sectors: Thus, we produce plug-in systems for passenger and freight aircraft doors and for power unit tests. We take the load off space companies by assuming the technical design and definition of individual cabling solutions as well as their integration in the respective end device - optionally in RST’s own clean room. 

Also, the manufacturing industry profits from our wide-ranging experience: our experts are not merely responsible for manufacturing and integrating wire harnesses for our internally produced operating equipment and special systems, but also offer above and beyond that solutions designed to meet the needs for other producers’ complex systems.