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Reliable softwareexpertise for moderndefence systems

15 years’ experience as a partner for several national and European defence programmes. Extensive know-how in the development and testing of performant software for military use. And a clear promise: absolute reliability. 

Digital networking and integrated information exchange above and beyond their individual units is decisive for success for modern armed forces ­ – on the land, in the air, on water, in space and in cyberspace. Within the scope of electronic warfare, control, efficient use and data flow protection must be ensured. RST Rostock System-Technik has many years’ cross-programme and cross-deployment area experience in the development and testing of reliable systems for electronic warfare. Our portfolio includes: 

  • Development of mission planning and briefing modules 
  • Development of tactical systems for situation reports 
  • Development of module simulators for water-supported and air-supported systems 
  • Development of platforms for signal evaluation 
  • Integration, verification and testing of software components 
  • Validation of complete systems


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