Airbus A400M // Source: Julian Herzog, CC-BY 4.0,


Module simulators for theA400M’s loadmastercontrol system

The challenge

The loadmaster control system (LMC), which enables the loadmaster to monitor and control the various systems in the freight and luggage compartment, is developed within the A400M program. In order to enable implementation of the LMC system tests, RST Rostock System-Technik was commissioned by a technology company from the area of air defence to develop new simulation modules.

Airbus A400M cargo // Source: Erin McClellan -, Gemeinfrei,

The solution

In order to be able to test the LMC within the A400M program, simulations are used to replicate the remaining aircraft systems which interact or communicate with the LMC. Here, the complexity of the simulations is highly diversified: they range from interface simulations via the replication of logical functionalities to complex, functional simulations. Moreover, each simulation must be designed to be operable on different target platforms (Desktop, Testbench, Iron Bird). When developing the simulation, the entire lifecycle according to DO178 was run through and superimposed on the model-based system engineering with UML.


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