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Industrial engineering

Cross-sector expertisefor excellent solutions

Our wide-ranging competences in the areas of mechanical, electrical & electronic engineering are based on several decades’ experience in the development of complex products and systems in demanding sectors. 

Targeted best-practice transfer allows perfectly fitting solutions for individual challenges. Here, we support our customers equally with both selected partial services and completed full solutions with an end-to-end understanding. Our technical expertise includes: 

Mechanical Engineering
  • Studies and concept development 
  • 2D/3D model development 
  • Detailed system and component development 
  • Precision mechanics and plant construction 
  • Geometric component optimisation 
  • Static and dynamic design 
  • FEM analyses 
  • Structure and thermal analyses 
  • Product conformity 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Manufacturing coordination 
  • Technical supplier management 
  • Qualification/certification 
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Concept development for electrical and electronic systems 
  • Development and simulation of digital and analogue circuits 
  • PCB layout 
  • Development of power electronics 
  • Avionics development 
  • System optimisation and obsolescence management 
  • Measuring technology and automation engineering 
  • Test system development and test automation 
  • Harness construction and design 
  • Product conformity and electrical safety 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Technical documentation 
  • Manufacturing coordination 
  • Technical supplier management 
  • Qualification/certification 


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