Test bench for helicopter rescue winches // Source: RST


Test bench forhelicopter rescuewinches

The challenge

A test bench for product qualification and the implementation of approval tests of the final product prior to delivery was needed for the development and subsequent series production of helicopter rescue winches. Here, it was important to observe that the test bench must exclusively react passively to operation modes which are specified by the rescue winch during operation. The test system and the product itself were developed simultaneously, in particular proving to be a challenge for the parameterisation of the controller.

Test bench for helicopter rescue winches // Source: RST

The solution

RST was responsible for the entire development process for the mechanical, electronic and technical software test bench components. Our tasks included not only manufacturing, but also commissioning as well as accompanying the initial testing. Due to the simultaneous development of the product itself - the helicopter rescue winch - it was important to establish a highly agile development process, which enabled adaptation of the test bench features to the product’s parameters.


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