IoT Access Points // Source: RST


IoT access pointfor the aircraft cabin

The challenge

The need for wireless system communication within the aircraft cabin is growing increasingly. Among other things, this requires the use of aviation-approved access points (routers) to connect sensors and actuators with higher-level systems.   

On behalf of an international manufacturer of electronic cabin systems, RST Rostock System-Technik developed the prototype of such an IoT access point (hardware and software). The special development challenges included, on the one hand, the limited space allocated for the product in the aircraft cabin and, on the other hand, the required compatibility with a large number of electronic interfaces.  

IoT Access Points // Source: RST

The solution

The integration of latest off-the-shelf products enabled a space-saving miniaturization of the access point. The software specially developed for the router supports a wide range of interfaces such as WLAN, BT, Zigbee, CAN and PoE. The access point thus enables the wireless connection of sensors and actuators to the wide range of systems in a modern aircraft cabin. 


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