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Modules, devicesand systems for theaircraft cabin

The challenge

Customers from the aviation sector constantly commission RST Rostock System-Technik with the new development of various modules, devices and systems for the aircraft cabin. These include connectivity systems (for example for on-board entertainment), supply systems (for example water, electricity and air), aircraft galleys, seats, toilets, storage compartments, partition walls, ceilings and fairing, curtain systems and several further visible and non-visible electrical and non-electrical components.

When developing new modules, devices and systems, it is not only important to take the state-of-the-art aviation and technology standards into account, but also to ensure optimum use of space, top passenger comfort and to reduce weight and environmental burdens as far as possible. Moreover, the development of catalogue solutions are part of everyday life as well as demanding design wishes from the airlines which must be combined with valid certification directives (e.g. EASA and the FAA).

The solution

Based on more than 20 years’ comprehensive aircraft programme experience as an established partner for cabin development, RST finds efficient solutions for all challenges in the area of new module, device and system developments for aircraft cabins. Our experts prepare reliable solutions and take over all the steps of the end-to-end development process as required - from requirements analysis via design development to approval. Our regular tasks also include the technical management of all suppliers involved. 


Dr. Holger Topp

Cluster Manager Cabin R&T, Architecture & New Development

+49 381 56 686+49 171 6795 106h.topp[at]
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