Cockpit of a Tornado GR.4 // Source: Gacman67 - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Tornado upgrade:new developmentof the main computer

The challenge

In order to avoid obsolescence effects and ensure full functionality until its replacement, the German Federal Armed Forces Tornado type fighter aircraft are being subjected to an upgrade. Specifically, this relates to the new development of the main computer which controls the aircraft’s cockpit displays, in the future should serve as a replacement for the current main computer and should also take over the avionics, navigation and mission planning.

Within the scope of this upgrade project, RST Rostock System-Technik was commissioned with the transfer and adaptation of all software requirements of the new, central main computer from the old system.

The solution

In order to ensure all the desired – existing and new – functions, RST transferred the descriptions and the pseudo code for the existing software in requirement-based engineering (RBE)-conformant requirements to the new system’s operating software. In order to additionally guarantee frictionless interaction between the sub-systems and the newly developed main computer, RST supported the definition, documentation and coordination of the corresponding system requirements.


Dr. Holger Topp

Cluster Manager Cabin R&T, Architecture & New Development

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