The Canadarm2 robotic arm and Dextre, the fine-tuned robotic hand, outside the space station. // Source: NASA -


Bartolomeolaunches to ISS

RST Rostock System-Technik was one of the suppliers involved in the development of the new Bartolomeo research platform by Airbus Defence and Space for the International Space Station (ISS). The platform offers capacities for commercial experiments outside the space station and provides necessary infrastructures.

Besides the wire harness design RST was responsible for the development and provision of the deployment test rig and transport container.

Bartolomeo will shortly start its journey to the European Columbus module, which is docked to the ISS as a science laboratory.

RST appreciates the participation in this project and wishes the Bartolomeo team the best of luck for the operational stage and a successful start on the 2nd of March 2020!


Insights into the manufacturing process of Bartolomeo can be found here:

Source: Airbus DS

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