3D visualized aircraft // Source: RST


Consolidated frameworkspecifications foraircraft development

The challenge

Management and maintenance of framework specifications for the development of complex aircraft systems which vary across programms are a huge challenge for the OEMs in the aviation business. Continuous comparison costs much time and requires intensive coordination between several stakeholders. In order to optimise this process, RST Rostock-System Technik assumed the systematic comparison of selected framework specifications as well as a consolidation of the requirements they include.

The solution

Based on stakeholder interviews and design reviews, RST conducted a differentiating requirements analysis. Moreover, RST was responsible for the management of all project stakeholders involved with the result that it is now possible for the customer to practice centralised maintenance at considerably lower costs. 


Dr. Holger Topp

Cluster Manager Cabin R&T, Architecture & New Development

+49 381 56 686+49 171 6795 106h.topp[at]rst-rostock.de
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