FERCHAU Aviation Group International Sales Meeting in Rostock-Laage // Source: RST


Eurofighterup close

Get a taste of barracks air and be up close when the backbone of European air defence jets across the runway: the sales team from RST Rostock System-Technik experienced a very special excursion as part of the FERCHAU Aviation Group's International Sales Meeting.

During a visit to the 73 tactical air wing "Steinhoff" in Rostock-Laage, the colleagues were not only able to marvel at one of the 138 Eurofighters of the German Armed Force on the ground; the take-off of several jets for training flights was also part of the exclusive tour. An impressive experience for the eyes and ears of the FERCHAU and RST teams.

The Eurofighter program is a joint European project that brings together the technical expertise of more than 400 companies and supports more than 100,000 jobs. A "supersonic supercomputer with two wings" - that's how the German Air Force describes its fighter jet. Final assembly of the new "Quadriga" generation is currently underway in Manching, Bavaria.

Find more information here: Bundeswehr Air Force

The International Sales Team of the FERCHAU Aviation Group in front of the Eurofighter // Source: RST

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