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Member of theMax Planck Society

"We are very pleased to have been accepted by the Max Planck Society as supporting member," says Martin Sauerschnig, Managing Director of RST.

The Max Planck Society, one of the world's most renowned scientific organizations in the field of knowledge-oriented and application-open basic research, comprises more than 80 institutions and research facilities. This is where innovative and groundbreaking solutions are developed independently.

As a supporting member, we play an active role within the Max Planck Society with our participation and our vote in the members meeting. The objective of the association is, among other things, to safeguard scientific autonomy and the protection of the freedom of research, and to promote cutting-edge research in a wide range of fields.

We thank Max Planck Society for the honor and are looking forward to future cooperations.

If you want to know more about the Max Planck Society:  www.mpg.de/en

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