Airbus A321neo AFC overwing exit trainer // Source: RST


Airbus A321neo AFCoverwing exit trainer

The challenge

With the aircraft type A321neo, Airbus has introduced an innovative emergency exit above the wings. RST Rostock System-Technik has developed a modern training system explicitly for this specific use case, serving for training cabin crew, in order to provide them with routine for the evacuation of passengers from the aircraft in emergencies. The Airbus Training Centre in Beijing, Asiana Airlines, Air Busan and Vueling already bank on the new door trainer from RST.

Airbus A321neo AFC overwing exit trainer // Source: RST

Airbus A321neo AFC overwing exit trainer // Source: RST

The solution

Simultaneously to working on the aircraft, RST elaborated a cost-efficient replica of the new emergency exit door, enabling precise reproduction of the original Airbus A321neo AFC emergency exit door functionalities with a robust, industrial solution. Moreover, the door training system also enables practising a wide range of error cases and emergency situations. The product was provided to the airlines as a preparation for delivery of the aircraft in order to ensure timely training operation. 

20 years’ international experience in the area of training systems for aircraft crew provides the basis for high-quality, individual customised products.


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