Mission planning and mission support system // Source: Shutterstock


Mission planning andmission support system

The challenge

RST Rostock-System Technik was entrusted with software development tasks for an operational support system (OSS) by a technology company from the field of electronic warfare. In order to enable the realisation of specific tactical manoeuvres, aircraft and helicopter missions must be planned and prepared in detail. Moreover, it must be guaranteed that the crew involved can react to changes in the tactical situation in close coordination with flight management during operations. Following the mission, the experience gained will be processed and evaluated for use for future missions. To this end, extremely high-performance avionics hardware as well as computer-supported ground support systems must be developed which ensure on the one hand safe execution of flight operations as well as the efficient planning of resources and maintenance intervals on the other hand.

The solution

Within the scope of agile development of the entire project and under application of the DO278, RST was responsible for the concept, implementation, testing and integration of software components for the graphical presentation of tactical data (weather, emission control) in the situation report. The basis was formed by the technical requirements and the correspondingly derived software requirements (DOORS) of the components to be developed in order to subsequently define the software architecture and design (Enterprise Architect). Parallel to technical program implementation (C++, Java, C#) of the design, test cases (Expecco) were defined early in order to subject the software components implemented to the required verification and validation process according to DO278. The project was concluded with customer support for the overall integration of the software system. 


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