Automated Test Equipment // Source: RST


Test equipmentfor cabincommunication systems

The challenge

The Airbus site in Buxtehude is, among other things, responsible for the development and production of cabin electronics and cabin cabin communication systems for all Airbus aircraft. The products are subject to the highest quality standards, which is why they undergo extensive testing before being integrated into the aircraft. RST Rostock System-Technik has been developing fully automated test equipment for Airbus for more than 20 years, which enables efficient and reliable execution of these tests.

Automated Test Equipment // Source: RST

The solution

Test equipment from RST allows fully automated analysis of the products to be tested based on a previously agreed test protocol. The systems are tailored to the different components to be tested and include the necessary test hardware and test software. Tests can be performed during development or as acceptance tests after production or maintenance/inspection activities. Furthermore, any reproduction of tests is possible. The results are automatically output in predefined formats or protocols.


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